Fever Screening


Measures skin (body surface) temperature of the human body in real time, and checks for fever.
Fever screening can be linked to control of gate mechanism, etc.

Merit of Avio IR thermography

Safety and security by non-contact method

Realization of unmanned screening by real-time body surface temperature measurement.
The risk of infection due to personal contact can be reduced.

More reliable screening

Visualization of heat generation at body surface temperature with two-dimensional surface distribution.
More reliable body surface temperature screening is possible by wider range of temperature measurement, compared to the one-point temperature measurement method.

Improve Deterrence, and Corporate Image

Displaying images of the body surface temperature distribution to the visitors (entrants) helps to keep persons with fever away from entering rooms, and also helps to appeal general public that company's high awareness of safety and health.

Delivery Record

It is used for health and safety purposes, in food processing factories, data centers, hotels, medical institutions, public facilities, schools, kindergartens, theme parks, and general companies.



An infrared thermography camera can measure temperature distribution of an area instantly without contact, display it as a thermal image, and allows you to detect and output an abnormal temperature. Therefore, it is possible to select (screen) high fever among a large number of people, which is useful for early detection and early response, and is one of the means to control the spread of disease.

[Reference data] List of designated infectious diseases in Japan / designated year * 

Designated Year Designated Infectious Diseases
2003 Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS)**
2006 Bird Flue (H5N1)**
2013 Bird Flue (H7N9)**
2014 Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus(MERS)**
2020 Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)**

* Source: The National Institute of Infectious Diseases
** As of March, 2020. Class 2 infection

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