Thermo Tracer TS9100

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Thermal Image
Protective Housing (optional)

Protective Housing (optional)
Provides support for various monitoring needs from stand-alone to large remotely controlled installations
The TS9100 fixed-mount Infrared Thermal Imager has many applications such as-
  • monitoring production line equipment, plant and public facilities;
  • prevention of serious accident and fire
  • temperature control for production quality improvement
  • intruder detection for security
  • The camera has three alarm modes (two for temperature anomalies and one self-malfunction warning) which allow it to operate as a stand-alone unit.
    By using one of the interfaces (RS232C -standard, IEEE1394 or Ethernet - optional) a larger system can be configured for remotely controlled monitoring or real-time thermal image transfer.
  • Used as a stand-alone monitoring system
    With various settings available for the alarm functions the unit can be operated independently.
  • Uses general-purpose interfaces and cables
    With the standard RS232C and optional IEEE1394 or Ethernet interfaces fast and large data processing systems can cover a broad field.
  • Large system configurable
    Multiple TS9100s can be connected and controlled within a large monitoring system. The continuous temperature data, vital for large applications, can be monitored and recorded on a real-time basis.
  • Software Development Kit (SDK)
    This optional extra allows development of user's own software.
  • Robust construction for field operation
    The main unit has IP54 protection rating. An optional protection housing is available for extreme conditions of temperature or dust.
  • Configuration Examples
  • Stand-alone system
  • Basic system configuration
  • Large System
  • System Application Examples
  • Temperature detection system for waste disposal facility
  • Outline
    This system gives continuous overall coverage of the landfill site to detect potential fire risk in the most economical manner possible thus reducing the monitoring cost.
  • The TS9100 can be set up from the control panel on the back or from the remote PC via the Ethernet
  • Once set up the TS9100 unit can be disconnected from the PC and operated as a stand-alone unit,
  • If the measured temperature exceeds the set threshold the alarm signal is generated.
  • The TS9100 can output NTSC/PAL video signal for checking thermal images on the LCD screen.
  • User benefits
  • Monitoring cost reduction using 24-hour unmanned system.
  • The infra-red camera is ideal for night-time surveillance
  • Further cost reduction is possible using one TS9100 mounted on the swivel unit to cover a wider area.
  • Temperature monitoring system for motors of production machinery
  • Outline
    This system monitors continuously the temperature of production line motors to detect overheating generated by potential failures.
  • Multiple TS9100s can be controlled centrally from a PC at a remote office (via Ethernet)
  • When measuring temperatures that are higher than the set threshold, TS9100 can output an alarm signal.
  • TS9100 can output NTSC/PAL video signal for checking thermal images on the LCD monitor
  • User benefits
  • Early warning of potential failures prevents costly breakdowns and production interruptions.
  • Temperature monitoring system for steel ladle shell
  • Outline
    This system measures the steel ladle exterior temperature, analyses the data and signals any over-temperature situation.
  • Automatic monitoring of the steel ladle shell temperature with data analysis enables overheating to be signalled.
  • Temperature distribution display indicates problem areas and location for prompt repair.
  • Spillages of molten metal are prevented. Potential repair requirements are predicted and locations are automatically specified.
  • User benefits
  • Users can benefit from easy prediction for repairs and prevention of molten iron leakage.

    Measuring range    TS9100M TS9100W
     Range1  -20 to 100ºC
    (calibrated at 0 to 100ºC.
    Outside is theoretical value)
    -40 to 120ºC
    (calibrated at 0 to 120ºC.
    Outside is theoretical value)
     Range2  0 to 250ºC
    (calibrated at 0 to 250ºC)
    0 to 500ºC
    (calibrated at 0 to 500ºC)
     Optional  200 to 1000ºC or 200 to 2000ºC (without range 1& 2)
    (Defined as waveform noise/10)
     Range1  0.06ºC(at 30ºC 60Hz)
    0.03ºC(at 30ºC S16)
    0.08ºC(at 30ºC 60Hz)
    0.04ºC(at 30ºC S16)
     Range2  0.15ºC(at 30ºC 60Hz)
    0.08ºC(at 30ºC Σ16)
    0.30ºC(at 30ºC 60Hz)
    0.15ºC(at 30ºC Σ16)
    Accuracy ±2ºC or ±2% of reading whichever is greater
    (When ambient temp 0—40ºC, standard 21.7° lens used, focusing range 50cm)
    Detector Uncooled focal plane array (microbolometer)
    Spectral range 8 to 14μm
    I.F.O.V. 1.2mrad (When standard 21.7° lens is used.)
    Focusing range 30cm to infinity (motor driven only, at std, wide-angle, 29°lenses
    Field of view 21.7°±1.1°(H) x 16.4°±0.9° (V)when using standard 21.7°lens
    Frame time 60 frames/sec
    Thermal image pixels 320(H)x240(V) pixels(Three lines each on all edges are out of specification)
    A/D resolution 14bits
    Alarm output Contact output(photo MOS relay),voltage:DC+10 to 27V,current:40mA or less
    Measuring functions
    S/N improvement  
    Event output  
    Σ2, Σ8, Σ16, and spatial filter ON/OFF
    Screen display
    Env.temp.correction Provided(including interval NUC)
    Background compensation Provided
    Auto functions Full automatic(level,sense,focus),auto level/sense(manual available),
    auto focus, level trace, auto-gain control
    Display functions Display color : color/monochrome, positive/negative
    Gradation:16, 32, 64, 128, 256
    Color palette : rainbow, brightness, shine, hot-iron, medical, fine
    Isothermal band display : max 4 bands
    Multi-sense display
    Wave form display: X-Y waveform at freeze mode
    Alarm display : alarms of temp and TS9100 self diagnosis
    Multilingual menu
    Image processing functions Variable level/sense(at Freeze mode)
    Multi-point temperature display (10 points)
    Multi-point emissivity display (10 points)
    Δt display
    Max/Min (peak hold) temperature display (full screen or specified area)
    Digital zoom: 2, 4 times (Run/Freeze)
    Box setting (max. 5 boxes)
    Temperature alarm output
    Data display Color bar(grayscale), temp range, temp level. emissivity, multi-point temp display, time, annotation, error display, multilingual menu: English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese
    Annotation Text annotation
    Video signal output NTSC/PAL composite video signal (BNC connector)
    Interface RS-232C (standard) IEEE1394 or Ethernet (option: select when order)
    Operating temp/humidity -15 to 50ºC, 90% RH or less(not condensed)
    Storage temp/humidity -40 to 70ºC, 90% RH or less(not condensed)
    Power supply DC 11 to 13V
    Power consumption Approx. 5W(typical): at environmental temp 20ºC, RUN mode, RS-232C interface
    Shock and vibration 294m/s2(IEC60068-2-27), 29.4m/s2(IEC60068-2-6)
    Environmental protection IP54(IEC60529)
    Dimenstions Approx. 99 (W) x 112 (H) x 206 (D) mm
    (w/ standard, wide-angle or 29° lens: excluding projection)
    Approx. 112 (W) x 112 (H) x 230 (D) mm
    (with 2x telephoto lens: excluding projection)
    Weight Approx. 2.6kg (w/ standard, wide-angle or 29° lens)
    Standard accessories Lens cap, operation manual, power connector
    Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Options
  • Item Model Description
    High Temperature Range TS91-390 200 to 1000ºC *1
    High Temperature Range TS91-391 200 to 2000ºC *1
    IEEE1394 interface TS91-462 With data capture software
    Ethernet interface TS91-456 With remote control software
    Protective Housing TS91-350 Air-cooled housing for indoor use
    Software Development Kit   TS91-760  Compatible with Microsoft Windows 2000 and XP 
    Note 1:When installing high temperature range,standard measuring range 1 and 2 can not be used.
  • Lens
  •  Standard Lens   21.7° 
     Wide-angle Lens   42.0° 
     2X Telephoto Lens   10.9° 
     Lens of same FOV as TS7302   29.0° 
    Field of View Diagram
    Field of View Diagram
    **When standard (21.7°)lens is used.
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  • Outline Diagram

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