InfReC TS600 Series

Infrared Camera [InfReC]

[InfReC] is the coined abbreviation word of "Infrared Camera" and also has the meaning of [The Device Recording Infrared Information].
Our product research and development is targeted at improving the quality of life by protecting people and simplifying their daily tasks while measuring temperature, controlling environments, enhancing security, etc.

InfReC TS600 Series

Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera for Monitoring & Controlling system

High quality thermal image by the latest VGA detector

"TS600 Series" provides sharp and clear thermal image by the latest high sensitive & resolution VGA (640 x 480 pixel) detector.

Die-Casting Metal Mold

High Accuracy

"TS600 Series" enables you to make measurements with an ±2°C or ±2% accuracy of reading. This meets the needs in the markets of process monitoring.

Thermocompression of Food Packaging
Thermocompression of Food Packaging

Wide Range up to 1500°C

  • High temperature measurement meets the needs of the various markets:
    • Temperature monitoring of die-casting metal mold
    • Temperature monitoring of furnace materials on steel mills or plants
    • Temperature monitoring of metal or glass products
Hot Metal
Hot Metal

Smaller, Lighter & Lower-Power Consumption

We have achieved to reduce the volume by about 50%, the weight by about 30% and the power consumption by about 20% compared "TS610" with our conventional model.

"SDK" is standard accessory

You can develop your unique system and application software by bundled Software Development Kit (SDK).

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  • • Specifications and outline on this page are subject to change without notice for improvement.
  • • Company names and commodity names are trade names or registered trade marks of each company.
  • • Nippon Avionics Co., Ltd. will not be responsible for any damage of infrared detectors due to incoming strong light (e.g. laser) through lens(es).
  • • This product is subject to Japanese Export Control Law. Depending on its destination, prior assessment and authorization may be required. When exporting from country of initial purchase destination, please be sure to follow that country's export regulations as it may require an export permit beforehand.

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