Thermo Tracer TH9100Pro

Features Visual and Thermal Image Composite Function!
Easy identification of thermal spots.

TH9100Pro (Discontinued Model)


Visual Image(motor) Thermal Image(motor)
Visual Image(motor) Thermal Image(motor)
Composition image(motor)
Composition image(motor)


New Features
Infrared/visual image composition
High grade silver metallic color body
LCD/viewfinder automatically
switches on when opened
Easy-to-find shaded point cursor
Simple deletion of thermal image
using thumbnail display
File operation available during RUN
Built-in motor drive lens with
visual camera:
Record thermal & visual images
simultaneously and display the
composition image for easy
identification of thermal hotspots.


Easy Operation
Easy-to-use Joystick Control Multilingual Menu (English,French,German,Italian, Japanese,Korean,Portuguese, Russian,Spanish,Simplified chinise, Traditional chinese)Full-auto Function
Robust Body
Dust/splash-proof IP54
Shock 294m/sec2(30G)
Vibration 29.4m/sec2(3G)
High Resolution
0.06°C at 30°C 60Hz
0.02°C at 30°CΣ64 (TH9100PMV)
Clear Image
New reflective/transmissive LCD
for use in both bright and low light
Small/lightweight: 1.7kg
(including LCD & battery)
Battery Operation Time:
approx. 150 min *
Moving image recordable
Recording Time
Approx. 27 sec (at 60Hz/sec)
Approx. 55 sec (at 30Hz/sec)
Approx. 166 sec (at 10Hz/sec)
*at 20°C ambient temperature,LCD off,and mesurement is RUN and stand by.

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