Thermo Tracer TH9100MR/WR

Discontinued Models

Movie image recordable!! Easy measurement of fast changing objects.


High performance UFPA detector
  Resolution:0.02°C (TH9100MR at 30°C, Σ64)
Accuracy: ±2% of reading or ±2°C

Moving image recordable
Recording time:
Approx. 27 sec (at 60 frames/sec)
Approx. 55 sec (at 30 frames/sec)
Approx. 166 sec (at 10 frames/sec)
Multi-focus function
Performs edge detection of acquired images, while moving the focus, and fuses them into an image with deeper depth of field (Freeze-frame)
Visual/thermal image fusion function
Measures visual and thermal images simultaneously and displays the fusion image for easy identification of thermal spots.
Automatically corrects parallax of thermal and visual images.
  Real-time emissivity correction for multiple points
Emissivity can be set for up to 10 points (Patented)
Reflective/transmissive color LCD
Clear and sharp images can be obtained by reflected light at daytime and backup light at nighttime.
Easy operation
Easy-to-use joystick control
Multilingual menu: (English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese)
Automatic functions: Level/sense/focus, Level trace & Auto gain control
Voice recording
Voice memo can be recorded up to 30 seconds per image. A fresh reminder of the field condition.
Robust design
Dust/splash-proof: IP54
Shock-proof: 294m/sec2 (30G)
Vibration-proof: 29.4m/sec2 (3G)


Measuring range   TH9100MR TH9100WR
Range 1: −20 to 100°C −40 to 120°C
Range 2: 0 to 250°C 0 to 500°C
Range 3:
100 to 800°C
(Display:0 to 800°C)
200 to 2000°C
(Display:0 to 2000°C)
Range 4:
200 to 2000°C
(Display:0 to 2000°C)
Resolution Range 1: 0.06°C (at 30°C, 60Hz) 0.02°C (at 30°C, Σ64) 0.08°C (at 30°C, 60Hz) 0.03°C (at 30°C, Σ64)
Accuracy ±2°C or ±2% of reading, whichever is greater
Detector Uncooled focal plane array (microbolometer)
Spectral range 8 to 14µm
I.F.O.V. 1.2mrad
Focusing range 30cm to infinity
Field of view 21.7°(H) x 16.4°(V)
Frame time 60 frames/sec
Display View finder and 3.5-inch color LCD
Thermal image pixels 320 (H) x 240 (V) pixels
A/D resolution 14 bits
Measuring functions Run/Freeze
    S/N improvement Σ2, Σ8, Σ16, Σ32, Σ64 and spatial filter ON/OFF
Alarm Screen display and alarm sound (ON/OFF)
Interval measurement Recording on built-in real-time memory : 1/60 to 3600 sec interval
Recording on memory card : 5 to 3600 sec interval (thermal image)
30 to 3600 sec. (thermal   visual images)
Trigger function provided
Emissivity correction Provided (0.10 to 1.00). Emissivity table provided.
Env. temp. correction Provided (including interval NUC)
User setup Pre-registration of environmental setup (max. 10 setups)
Background Compensation Provided
Ambient correction Provided
Auto functions Full automatic (level, sense, focus)
Level trace, auto-gain control
Display functions Thermal/visual fusion image display
Display color : color/monochrome, positive/negative
Gradation : 16, 32, 64, 128, 256
Color pallette : rainbow, brightness, shine, hot-iron, medical, fine
Isothermal band display : max. 4 bands
Thumbnail display : 12 thermal images replay
Multi-sense display, Battery life indicator
Line-profile : X, Y line profile (waveform display) Multilingual menu
Image processing functions Variable level/sense
Multi-point temperature display (up to 10 points)
Multi-point emissivity correction (up to 10 points)
Temperature difference between 2 points (Δt)
Max/Min (peak hold) temperature display
Alarm (full screen or specified box)
Digital zoom: 2, 4 times (Run/Freeze)
BOX setting, up to 5 boxes (max, min, average)
Multi-focus, Sharpness filter, Median filter
Text and voice annotation (30 sec per image)
Storage device Compact flash memory card for;
  • Thermal image in SIT or BMP file format
  • Visual image in SIT or JPEG file format
  • Thermal/visual fusion image in BMP file format
  • Movie recording
    Real-time memory : 1664 images (max. 60Hz)
    Video signal output NTSC/PAL, composite video signal, S-video
    Interface IEEE1394, RS-232C
    Compact flash mermory card slot
    Operating temp/humidity −15 to 50°C, 90% RH or less (not condensed)
    Storage temp/humidity −40 to 70°C, 90% RH or less (not condensed)
    Power supply AC adaptor : 100V to 240V, DC 7.2V (nominal)
    Power consumption Approx. 6W (typical)
    Shock and vibration Shock: 294m/sec2 (30G) (IEC60068-2-27)
    Vibration: 29.4m/sec2 (3G) (IEC60068-2-6)
    Environmental protection IP54 (IEC60529)
    Dimensions Approx.108 (W) x 113 (H) x 189 (D) mm
    (excluding projections)
    Weight 1.4kg (excluding battery and LCD)
    1.7kg (including battery and LCD)
    Standard accessories AC adaptor, battery pack (2pcs), battery charger, compact flash memory card, grip belt, neck strap, lens cap,carrying case, viewer software, operation manual
    **Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
    **Described company name and model are brand name or registration of trademark.

    Visual Camera

    Pixels 0.41Mega pixels
    Effective image pixels 752 (H) x 480 (V) pixels
    Field of view 30.1(H) x 22.7(V)
    Sensitivity 1 lux
    Focusing distance 30cm to infinity
    Auto exposure Provided
    Video signal NTSC/PAL

    Applicable Software

    Report Generator NS9200 (optional)
      Report Generator NS9200
    • Helps to make reports easily with thermal images and temperature data on MS Word and Excel.
    • Fusion of thermal and visual images.
    • Subtraction (Entire image, specified area, like-figures)
    • File management by database.
    • Detects abnormal temperature by max/min temperature display.
    • Direct data transfer to MS Excel.

    Data Capture Program with Trigger Function NS9100 (optional)
      Data Capture Program with Trigger Function NS9100
    • Helps to acquire real-time images via IEEE1394 or Ethernet.
    • Easy programming of measurement condition and procedures. (Trigger Sequence function)
    • Temperature display within specified area (up to 16 points)
    • Real-time trend display (up to 8 waveforms)
    • Real-time subtraction from selected thermal image
    • Real-time display of thermal/visual fusion image on selected visual image


    Model Description
    TH91-390 High temperature range for TH9100MR*1
    R3: 100 to 800°C, R4: 200 to 2000°C
    TH91-392 High temperature range for TH9100WR*1
    R3: 200 to 2000°C
    TH91-384 2x telephoto lens, 10.9°(H) x 8.2°(V), with visual camera
    TH91-484 4x telephoto lens, 5.5°(H) x 4.1°(V)
    TH91-383 0.5x wide angle lens 42.0°(H) x 32.1°(V), with visual camera
    TH91-386 95µm Close-up lens, 30mm(H) x 22mm(V) W.D. 75mm
    TH91-385 37µm Close-up lens, 11mm(H) x 8mm(V) W.D. 13mm
    Spy Glass lens Fisheye lens, 53° x 40°
    *1 Specify these options when ordering the main unit (TH9100MR/WR)

    Field of View Diagram(Thermal Image)

    Field of View Diagram(Thermal Image)

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