Thermo Tracer TH9100ML/TH9100WL

High Quality and High Resolution Thermal Image
320 x 240 pixels I.F.O.V 1.2mrad

TH9100 (Discontinued Models)


IR Plant_1 Plant_1

Visual Camera Built into IR Lens
  Built-in visual camera on Standard,Telephoto
and Wide Angle lens provides minimal parallax and the same magnification with the infrared lens. Simultaneous storage of infrared and visual image in the same file. Standard lens has high resolution I.F.O.V 1.2mrad.

Light weight & Robust Body
Weight approx.1.7kg(including battery and LCD)
Operating temperature -15 to 50°C
Dust/splash-proof IP54
Shock 294m/sec2(30G)
Vibration proof 29.4m/sec2(3G)
High performance UFPA detector
Temperature resolution(TH9100ML)
0.08°C at 30°C 60Hz
0.04°C at 30°C Σ16
Measuring accuracy ±2% or ±2°C
Easy Operation
Easy-to-use joystick control
Pull down menu
Multilingual Menu
(English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian,Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese)


High quality flip out 3.5inch LCD
Adapts to sun light reflection or low light conditions for both outdoor
and indoor.Fully functional in bright light.
Detachable and extendable with optional extension cable.Remote
controller available as option.
Lengthy Battery Life
Approx. 2 and half hours operation available with a small and lightweight battery(appox. 100g).
Battery life indicator tells you the timing to change the battery.
Automatic functions
Level/sense/focus,Level trace & Auto gain control

Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera
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Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera
Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera
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Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera
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