Thermo Tracer TH7700

Affordable with High Quality Image !

TH7700 Discontinued Model


Thermal Image
Thermal Image


High quality image
320 x 240 pixel radiometric Uncooled Focal Plane Array equipped
Easy to hold
Single hand control with either right or left hand


Large memory capacity
Stores 400 images in the internal flash memory
Flip-up 3.5 inch LCD
Adjustable for suitable angle to your eye position
Operates for 2.5 hours with rechargeable battery
Transfers images to PC via USB2.0
Laser pointer
Shows measuring positionTH7800_LASER
Power saving
Stand-by and auto shut-down functions to save power consumption
Dust/splash-proof IP54
Shock 294m/s2(30G)
Vibration 29.4m/s2(3G)

Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera
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Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera
Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera
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Micro Joining Equipment
Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera
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