Infrared Thermal Imager

Thermo Tracer TH7102MX/TH7102WX

(Discontinued Models)

Temperature measuring range
TH7102MX -20 to 250 (STD)
100 to 2000 (option)
TH7102WX -40 to 500 (STD)
200 to 2000 (option)
Spatial filter
Smoothing outline of image for better image qualityideal when using zoom facility
Uncooled Focal Plane Array
320 ~ 240 microbolometer UFPA detector.
Voice recording
Simultaneous recording of thermal image and Voice data
Long wavelength operation, less affected
by sunlight
8 to 14µm band wavelength is less susceptible to
solar radiation thus preventing measurement errors
Dust/splash-proof construction (IP54)
Accurate measurement
Temperature resolution: 0.08
Measurement accuracy: %RFS
Frame time: 1/7.5, 1/30, 1/60 sec.
10-point temperature display and emissivity correction
Ease of use – full automatic functions
Full auto (level, sense and focus) or individual autofocus, auto level and auto sense.
Alarm function
Alarms at upper or lower limit
Auto Gain Control
Automatically adjusts level or level & sense by tracing temperature of object to be measured
Easy-to-carry compact and light weight
Body weight 1.6kg, built-in compact battery 90g
T display
Displays temperature difference between reference point and target point
Real-time memory (option)
Automatically store images with selectable time interval(1/15 sec. to 60 min.) up to 832 images.
Peak hold
Displays the Max/Min temperature during the recording cycle.
RS232C and GP-IB interface are provided as standard
Box setting
Displays Max/Min temperature in 5 areas
IEEE1394 interface (option)
Possible to transfer images to PC in real time.


TH7102MX TH7102WX
Measuring temperature Range
Range 1 :.20 to 100
Range 2 : 0 to 250
Optional range
Range 3 100 to 800
Range 4 200 to 2000
Range 1 -40 to 120
Range 2 0 to 500
Optional range
Range 3 200 to 2000

Normal mode : 0.08 at 30 (Range 1)
Fast mode : 0.16 at 30 (Range 1)


% (Range full-scale)

Spectral range

8 to 14


Uncooled Focal Plane Array (microbolometer)

Field of view

29 H) x 22 V)

Instantaneous F.O.V. 1.58mrad
Focusing range 50cm to infinity
Frame time 1/7.5 sec, 1/30 sec, 1/60 sec
Image pixels 320 (H) x 240 (V)
A/D resolution 14 bits
Env. temp. correction Provided (including interval NUC)
Emissivity correction 1.00 to 0.10 (0.01 step)
Display LCD color view finder
Auto functions

•Full auto (level/sensitivity/focus)
•Auto focus •Auto level •Auto sensitivity

Display functions •Run/freeze
•16,32,64,128,256 gradations
•Rainbow color/Brightness color/Hot iron/Medical
•Isothermal band display (4 bands)
Processing functions •Multi-point temperature (10 pts)
•Multi-point emissivity (10 pts)
temp. display
•Max/min temp. display (full-screen or in-box)
•Max/min temp.peak hold (full-screen or in-box)
•Alarm (full-screen or in-box)
•Box setting (up to 5 settings)
•Spatial filter
•Level trace (auto center level control)
•Auto gain control
•Text annotation (memo)
Voice recording

10 sec. per image
Digital Zoom x2 and x4
Video output NTSC/PAL video signal, S-video signal
Interface GP-IB, RS-232C, IEEE 1394 (optional)
Data memory Compact flash memory card (SIT, BMP format)
Operating temperature &
-15 to 50 C, 90%RH or less (not condensed)
Storage temperature &
-40 to 70 , 90%RH or less (not condensed)
Power supply AC adaptor : 100V to 240V
DC power supply : 7.2V (nominal)
Power consumption Approx. 6W (Typ.)
Battery operation Li-ion battery, 110 min.
Environmental protection IP-54 (dustproof and splashproof)
Shock & vibration resistance Shock: 30G, vibration 3G (IEC68-2-29)
Dimensions Approx. 97 (W) x 110 (H) x 169 (D) mm
(excluding projections)
Weight Approx. 1.6kg (excluding battery), Battery 90g
Standard accessories Grip belt, Neck strap, Battery pack,
Battery charger, Compact flash memory card
(16Mbytes), AC adaptor, Window protection
cap, Operation manual

TH71-390 High temperature range for TH7102MX
R3 : 100 to 800 , R4 : 200 to 2000
TH71-377 Close-up lens (resolution 100µm)
TH71-392 High temperature range for TH7102WX
R3 : 200 to 2000
TH71-378 Close-up lens (resolution 50µm)
TH71-328 Real-time memory with Interval measurement U9800 Tripod (small size)
TH71-347 LCD unit with remote control 104118 Tripod (medium size)
TH71-464 Battery pack (Li-ion) TH71-348 S-video cable
TH71-336 Battery charger for 100/110V (2 battery slots) TH71-350 Hard carrying case
TH71-339 Battery charger for 220/240V (2 battery slots) TH71-349 RS-232C cable
TH71-334 AC adaptor (100 to 240V AC) DP61-113 GP-IB cable
TH71-343 Telephoto lens (x2) 14.5 H) x 11 V) TH71-713 Report Generator (software)
TH71-344 Wide angle lens 55 H) x 42 V) TH71-711

Image processor (software)

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