Free Upgrading Program from Report Program NS9200 Version 2.0 or higher to InfReC Analyzer NS9500 Professional.

Software Overview

Software name InfRec Analyzer NS9500 Professional
Version 2.9G
Supported Models R500EX series, R500 series, R300SR series, R300 series

* Version 2.7A is recommended when using the following model.
H2600 series, TH9260
File Name and Size (286.4MB)

Upgrade NS9200 version 2.0 or higher to NS9500 Professional version 2.9G

Thank you very much for your using our NS9200.
This is a free service to upgrade the NS9200 version 2.0 or higher to NS9500PRO-B (NS9500 Professional) version 2.9G.

  • * This upgrading program does not support any NS9200 version older than V2.0.

Changes from NS9200 version 2.0 (or higher)

  • Support for the new model of R500EX series.
  • Support Office 2010, 2013 64bit for report output function.
  • Solved a problem of captured still jpeg IR data via USB online by NS9500Pro was unable to subtract on NS9500STD.
  • Solved a problem of abnormal saving the graphical measurement position data in case of German language PC environment.
  • Supporting New model of R500 series.
  • Corrected a bug of abnormal shut-down at when "TREND" is executed using thermal JPG data of some particular volume.
  • Corrected a bug of connection trouble which was seen with some particular model of PC.
  • Corrected a bug of generating report with Microsoft Word. MAX value was sometimes missed on the report so far.
  • Corrected a bug of temperature indication, when JPEG file is recorded after emissivity of the whole image is altered.
  • Corrected a bug of printing zoomed images.
  • Corrected some terms in German translations.
  • Became compatible with R300 series.
  • Became compatible with Windows 7, 64-bit version.
  • More functions of online measurement added.
  • Better operability and more offline functions added.
  • Recognizing R300SR series. Parameters added for them.( online program)
  • Features for supporting super-resolution file and panoramic synthetic file of the R300SR series thermal image are added. (offline program)
  • "Sharpness" function is added for emphasizing the outline and removing the noise ingredient of thermal image which incurred with the super-resolution mode.(offline program)

Key Features & Comparison with NS9200

Main Functions NS9500
Online Functions Control
Thermal image display YES YES
Visible image display YES (with R Series) NO
Composite image display YES (with R Series) NO
Movie saving YES YES
(Thermal image only)
ROI setting (diagram) YES YES
Controlling camera from PC YES YES
Saving of preset values YES NO
Trend graph YES YES
User-defined screen YES NO
Offline Functions Playback Thermal image files playable 2 types (*3) 6 types (*4)
Search Output database YES YES
Search temperature value YES YES
Search date & time YES YES
Analyze Multiple temperature display YES YES
ROI setting (diagram) YES YES
Hot/Cold spot trace YES YES
Line profile display YES YES
Trend graph display YES YES
Histogram display YES YES
Creating thermal/visible composite image YES YES
Subtraction YES YES
Modifying panoramic image YES NO
Calculating delta temperature YES NO
Calculating heat radiation YES NO
Calculating length & area YES NO
Report Data conversion (image files) JPG, BMP, AVI
Data conversion (numeric values) YES (*1) YES (*2)
User-defined template YES YES
Report output YES YES
  • *1: Output to Excel or Text
  • *2: Output to Excel
  • *3: JPG, SVX
  • *4: JPG(F30 only), SIX, SIT, SVT, TMP, SVX, SVT(H, TH and TS series)


  • This upgrading program does not support any NS9200 version older than version 2.0.
  • Upgrading from any NS9200 version older than version 2.0 is available on a chargeable basis. Please consult your local distributor if you want to upgrade your old NS9200 to NS9500PRO.
  • Before upgrading, please uninstall existing older version or demonstration software.
  • IEEE1394 driver from old online software does not work with this program. It needs to be upgraded with the driver included in this program.

System Requirements

  • Windows10 Home(32bit/64bit) / Windows10 Pro (32bit/64bit) / Windows10 Enterprise (32bit/64bit)
  • Windows7 Ultimate (32bit/64bit) / Professional (32bit/64bit) / Home Premium (32bit/64bit) English version support


  1. Find the request form from the below link, complete and send it to us.
  2. URL (web address), ID and password for download will be sent to your e-mail address (after validation of the request that might takes few days).
  3. Download and save "" to your designated folder.
  4. Launch "" to be extracted into a folder you choose in your PC.
  5. Start the AutoRun.exe in an appropriate folder and install, following instructions to come up.
  6. You will be required to enter NS9200's serial number to complete the upgrade.

Conditions of use

  • This program is copyrighted by Nippon Avionics Co., Ltd. Copying, reproducing or altering any part or all of this program is prohibited by law.
  • This program can be downloaded / installed only in the case of upgrading of customer-owned NS9200 version 2.0 or higher to NS9500 Professional.
  • Contents of this program are subject to change without notice.
  • This program is available only for the customers who already had NS9200 version 2.0 or higher.


Please request URL, ID and password to download installer, by sending the form below.
Please have your NS9200 ready as its serial number is required for installation.

Upgrade Program

Version 2.9G
File name
File size 286.4MB

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