TS91-727 LAN remote Program Free version up program
   Version 1.0 to 1.2B → 1.2C

Thank you very much for your using our TS91-727 LAN remote program.
This is a free service to upgrade the TS91-727 LAN remote program 1.0 to 1.2B,to Version 1.2C.
* Remarks:
     a)  Please go to execute the upgrade after uninstalling the lower version.
– The points of change from version 1.2B to 1.2C
     a)  It corresponds to the symptom where the communication time-out is generated along with the farmware correction of the main body of TS9260.
     b)  The matter that the image was not normally reproduced at one interval second or more is corrected.
(Trouble occurs only when connecting it with TS9260. )
– The points of change from version 1.2A to 1.2B
     a)  The name of the company was changed.

   Operation environment
     Windows 2000 English version support
Windows XP Home Edition English version support
Windows XP Professional English version support
Windows Vista Ultimate English version support

   How to Install
1.  Fill out the request form of download pass word.
2.  Download file address, ID and pass word will be returned to your e-mail address.
3.  Down load the free update program “TS91-727_1_2C.EXE" to your PC.
* the file extension such as “.EXE" are usually hidden in the Windows Explore.
4.  Execute TS91-727_1_2C.EXE and decompress any folder in your PC.
5.  Execute the SETUP.EXE of the folder “TS91-727" and install in accordance with the message appears.

   Operation Condition
 ·  All copyrights on this program are reserved by Nippon Avionics Co., Ltd. Unauthorized copying, reproduction, or modification of this software in whole or in part is prohibited.
 ·  This program can be downloaded and used only for the purpose of updating your licensed TS91-727 LAN remote program. It is prohibited to down load and use this program for the other purpose.
 ·  The contents of this program are subject to change without prior notice.
 ·  This program shall be available for the customers uses our product.

   Down load
Please request ID and password for down load, by filling out and sending “THE REQUEST FORM of DOWNLOAD PASSWORD".
– Version up program
    [Version]  :  1.2C
    [File name]  :  TS91-727_1_2C.EXE (Self-extract application)
    [File size]  :  7.70MB

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