Infrared Thermal Imager
Thermo Tracer TH9100, TH7100 series, TS7302, TH5100 series
TH91-719(Viewer program) Software Download
How to installation
[Software name] TH91-719 Viewer program
[Version] 1.0B
[Supported Models] TH9100, TH7100 series, TS7302, TH5100 series
[Supported Files]
1.*.SIT(TH9100,TH7100 series,TS7302)
2.*.SVT(data of IEEE1394 data capture software)
3.*.TMP(TH5100 series)
[File Name]th91-719_1_0b.exe (Self-extracting file) (EXE:5.20MB)
1.Setup folder(disk1, disk2, disk3, disk4)
2.User's Manual
Please confirm whether the model of present use is applied to the object model and the object file before downloading.
  1. Function
    Its operation is easier, as Windows Explorer style is adopted.
    1. Thumbnails of thermal image (SIT, SVT, TMP) on Windows-Explorer.
    2. It is possible to check and set of thermal image.
      • Level and Span, Sensitivity.
      • Color palette, Color step.
      • Voice memo replay.
      • Thermal image / visual image selection.
    3. Convert to BMP, JPEG file format.
  2. Environment
    1. OS
      The personal computer with which Windows 2000 Professional and Windows Xp Home Edition / Professional.
    2. Performance
      #CPU: Pentium 800 MHz or above
      #Memory: 64MB or more
      #Display: XGA (1024 x 768) or higher resolution display, 65536 (16 bits) or more, color display required.
  3. How to upgrade
    1. When grading up this program, uninstall the existing one beforehand.
    2. Click the Start menu. The menu appears.
    3. Point at Settings with a mouse, and then move to submenu on the right.
    4. Select "Control panel" and click
      Control panel
    5. The Control Panel dialog box appears. Double-click "Add/Remover Program Properties".
    6. The Add/Remover Program Properties dialog box appears.
      Add/Remover Program
    7. Click TH91-719 Viewer Program.
    8. Click the [Add/Remove] button.
    9. Click the [Yes] button in the confirmation dialog box.
      Add/Remover button
    10. A dialog box indicating "Are you sure to delete shared files" may appear during un-installation. In such cases, click [All No] if you are not sure.
    11. Un-installation completes when the finish message appears.
      Un-installation completes
    12. Please perform download (th91-719_1_0b.exe) and setup of new version (Ver.1.0B) (EXE:5.20MB)

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