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Report Viewer TH71-715 Software Download
Report Viewer TH71-715 is software to see report which was made by Nippon Avionics
Report Generator TH71-713 software.
Setup Manual
Setup_manual.pdf (PDF:253KB)
Software name : Report Viewer TH71-715
Version : V1.0
Required OS : Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 2000
File name : report_viewer.exe (with self-decompression) (EXE:360KB)
1. Procedure
1) Download report_viewer.exe to a folder. After downloading, open the folder with the Explorer.
2) Double click the report_viewer.exe to decompress following setup files in the current folder.
Folder : threport
Setup file : product.ini ( 8 bytes)
Setup program : setup.exe ( 133244 bytes)
Setup information : th715.inf ( 11367 bytes)
Setup information : th715nt.inf ( 11314 bytes)
In the threport folder, following file is decompressed.
Report Viewer main body : thrview.exe ( 524288 bytes)
3) Copy all files and folders onto a floppy disk and make the master program floppy disk.
(Do not change file name when copying. If file name is different, setup can not be done.)
4) Insert the master program floppy disk into the floppy disk drive.
5) Select the drive containing the master disk from Explorer.
6) Set mouse cursor to SETUP.EXE and double click it.

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